Pay It Forward: Hindi-English

Pay It Forward: Hindi-English

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What happens when Coco begins her day with one small act of kindness? Watch her kindness spread through others as they pay it forward - until it returns, full circle, to Coco. The story shows the many different ways we can be kind in our community.

Our book is thoughtfully-designed to teach language from early exposure to reading and writing.


  • Interior text in Hindi, Hindi Transliteration, and English
  • Large vocabulary lift-the-flaps
  • Dry erase writeable to trace vocabulary flaps
  • Summary vocabulary pages
  • Audiobook by native speaker, complimentary here

Size: 8" x 10"

Thick, durable pages with rounded corners.

Printed on FSC certified paper, because it matters.

Available in:

  • Mandarin-English
  • Hindi-English
  • Korean-English

View our Kickstarter campaign to see our inspiration. The project was fully backed in two days and selected as a Kickstarter Project We Love. Thank you for showing the world the importance of diverse representation and the joys of learning language and culture.