Spark Collection's mission is to inspire families to learn language and culture in a fun and meaningful way.

Hello! I’m Irene, mother of a Chinese-Korean American family.

When the pandemic began, my son's daycare closed, and I found myself caring for him full-time.  I realized how quickly he was picking up language so I looked for books in Chinese and Korean during this critical time.  It was difficult to find accessible and engaging resources for a multicultural and non-fluent family like ours.

One day, I tried to teach my son using flashcards. He had more fun throwing the flashcards everywhere than learning the words themselves. I then came up with the idea of incorporating the flashcards as lift-the-flap features in a storybook. We both love books, so why not use it to teach language? I created a prototype, and to my surprise, he learned the words and loved the flaps. I wanted to make these books a reality so others can enjoy them too. You can see them here.

I hope you love the thoughtful design and special features, and that our books spark joy in your language learning journey.

Spark Collection was born out of the desire to:



    Irene author and founder

    Irene Kang, Author and Founder

    Irene is the creator of Spark Collection books.  She loves exploring new places through food, music and live shows.  She calls home to Austin, Chicago, Bay Area, and Tianjin.


    Adriane Tsai, Illustrator

    Adriane is an illustrator and digital arts teacher in Southern California.  She enjoys whimsical, colorful art and capturing child-like joy in her work.  She loves singing show tunes and drinking lavender lattes.


    Vidya Pradhan, Translator

    Vidya is a writer and translator based in California. She is a puzzle fanatic and loves birding and hiking when she's not doing some version of Wordle.


    We are collaborating with GoEast Mandarin to develop our first Mandarin toy. Stay tuned!


    Backed by science, we fundamentally believe that kids learn best through play. 

    Research has taught us that the first years of life are the most important period of human development. Learning a second language is encouraged during this time.

    The benefits of bilingualism are widespread. Studies confirm that critical thinking, creativity and flexibility of the mind significantly improve.

    Through language, one can learn culture and human compassion. Today more than ever, we value being a global citizen, and in turn raising global citizens.